Multi-Wideband VHF, UHF, GPS Walkie Talkie Antenna Enables Seamless First Responder Communications

communication board deviceCan’t get over how low-priced the two way radio ip gateway is now, an incredible deal for a top-end product!

A Baylin Technologies CA:BYL +1.46% company, today at Mobile World Congress 2014 unveiled (#MWC14) the company’s next generation of advanced design, two Way Radio antennas that offer VHF, UHF and GPS functionality in either multi-wideband or tri-band models. These antennas are based upon Galtronics internally developed and owned, patent-pending proprietary technology. For more than 35 years, Galtronics has been expertly designing and manufacturing 2-way radio antennas for leading manufacturers including Motorola, Aselsan, EF Johnson, Hytera, Kenwood, and Tait.

“Galtronics’ engineers have successfully developed the most advanced multi-band and wideband LMR antenna on the market,” said Ephraim Ulmer, CEO and President of Galtronics. “This unique antenna will enable LMR original equipment manufacturers to deploy new radio platforms operating on multiple frequencies, allowing seamless communications between public safety and emergency first responders.”

Technical specifications:* Tri-Band Antenna 136-174, 380-520, 760-870 MHz – GT #62333 – View Datasheet * Tri-band Antenna 136-174, 762-870 MHz/GPS – GT #5454 – View Datasheet * Wideband Antenna 380-520, 760-870/GPS – GT #62331 – View Datasheet * View catalog for complete line of Galtronics 2-Way Radio antennas

For U.S. and international orders, please visit our website . U.S.-based carriers, system integrators and other customers may also order from TESSCO, an authorized Galtronics North American distributor. If interested in distributing Galtronics solutions, please call1-866-206-9482 or send email to: .

About Galtronics Galtronics Corporation Ltd ., a Baylin Technologies CA:BYL +1.46% Company, is a global company providing innovative antenna and communications solutions of the highest quality and design. Headquartered in Tiberias, Israel, with locations in North America, Europe and the Far East, Galtronics has state-of-the art design centers around the globe as well as world class manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam. The company offers custom and off-the-shelf antenna solutions from concept and design to production and delivery of products for the world’s leading wireless organizations. Since our establishment in 1978, our business has grown into an international platform with operations in North America and Asia.

About Baylin Technologies Headquartered in Toronto, Baylin CA:BYL +1.46% is a global technology company in the wireless space with 35 years of experience in designing products and supplying innovative antennas. We strive to meet customer needs by being a trusted partner from initial design to production. Our antennas have become industry benchmark with an extensive portfolio of leading edge off-the-shelf antenna products as well as custom engineered solutions to meet the specifications of our customers in the mobile, broadband, and wireless infrastructure markets



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