Discover the Power of Two way radios and How They Can Save Your Life in an Emergency

So ladies and gentlemen, i’ve the second outstanding communication devices with auditory scanning piece of writing to read, i know, you do not have to thank me all, just add a social like to the piece to illustrate your appreciation.

2 way radios are devices which can both transmit and receive radio signals, think of them as a combination of radio receivers and transmitters.

Used as walkie-talkies and some children’s toys, radios can prove to be a crucial form of communication, specially where a Cellular network is unreliable, too expensive, or plain absent.

A push to talk option is available on some mobile phones as well. Mobile phones in fact, are a form of 2 way radio, but the traffic is routed through towers and aerials, and is not transmitted directly, or for free (at least for the transmitter, that is ). More technically mobile phones are full-duplex, and thus two radio frequencies are used, one for transmission and the other for reception. They can be both Analog and digital.

Walkie Talkies find extensive use in a large number of fields. They are the choice for digital communication when Cellular or Internet Networks are not available, or are too unreliable for that particular field of work. As a result, they are used extensively, by the police, especially the traffic police to relay what is happening at a place where the view is obscured by some means, usually geographical.

Some jobs, such as engineering or research, which require a lot of short distance communication at manageable costs, know that radio equipment is much the cheaper option over using mobile phones. Some other uses include toys for children, they make excellent toys and can be found at any department store.

Radios also find a lot of use in disaster affected zones, which might eradicate all forms of communication in that area. Pushing a button is much easier than dialing 10 numbers, and they find good use in emergency situations too. Finally, 2 way radios can substitute the intercom at many businesses and homes, are easy to carry around and are cheap as well.

Portability plays a major role in this issue. In a state of economic crisis, where everyone is looking to save a few cents here and there, a two way radio is just the companion you need to cut down on those excessive mobile bills. They are robust, portable and give businesses of all types a superb way in which to stay in touch, improve their performance and ultimately increase their profits.

Modern cell phone technology is of course also available but often suffers from high costs and problems due to the lack of network coverage. Plus, let us say you are going on an expedition or on a jungle safari, and suddenly you get separated, without a mobile signal. What do you do? Shout? Avoid this and get yourself a radio instead so that you do not have to worry when you do get lost.

Distinct Advantages of 2 way radios:

1. Low power consumption.
2. Do not depend on the cellular network for communication, and hence can be used everywhere.
3. Do not need anything like a Sim card to operate and is hence totally free after the initial purchase cost.
4. May be the only available sort of communication in some places.

This article tries to show you how mighty the simple 2 way radio is. Get yourself one and see its power unleashed today.


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