Council to seek permission to sell Connaughty Centre

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A council has agreed to seek permission to sell a youth centre and sports hall needing repairs costing up to £700,000.

Northamptonshire County Council cabinet agreed to approach the owners of the Connaughty Centre and McDiarmid Sports Hall in Cottingham Road, Corby. The site is leased by the council from the Homes and Communities Agency whose permission is needed for any sale.
Councillors heard the buildings were no longer needed by the council and that repairs would be too costly.

The Connaughty Centre is used by Youth Works, a community interest company. The McDiarmid Sports Hall has been unused since 2005 and is in an “extremely poor state of repair”, according to the report presented to councillors.
Councillors were told an alternative plan by Youth Works to continue using the Connaughty Centre was not viable. Because the council was appointed a trustee of the centre, permission would also be needed from the Charity Commission to dispose of the site.

The council would also have to re-invest its share of the proceeds from sale into youth activity.

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