Wethersfield Settles Lawsuit Against Emergency Services Radio Provider

communication with device has failedWithout giving too much about this Radio short article, but I found it remarkable and appropriate to what I’m now doing.
The town is settling a nearly decade-old lawsuit that alleged Motorola sold it a defective emergency services The radio system.
Under the agreement, the town will receive a $42,500 credit toward maintenance costs.
The settlement comes after the town hired Harris Corporation to provide a new system, replacing the one Motorola installed in 2003. The new network, which will provide police, fire and ambulance two way radio communication, is expected to be operational by fall or early winter.
“It’s certainly been a long ride with Motorola,” Mayor Paul Montinieri said. “I’m glad it’s behind us.”
Motorola spokesman Steve Gorecki said Monday that “the matter has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the town of Wethersfield and Motorola.” He declined further comment.
The town sued Motorola in 2006, alleging that the system the company installed three years earlier had failed to perform as promised. Problems plagued the network from the start, including static and an unexplained 23-minute breakdown in late 2004, officials said.
Police Chief James Cetran told the town council last year that the network never worked properly.
The lawsuit was suspended in 2007 because the Federal Communications Commission sold off the frequency used by Newington police, said Morris Borea of Rome McGuigan, the town’s lawyer in the case. That required a major overhaul, which had the potential to solve network’s problems, he said.
The switch to the new frequency took four years, but problems persisted, Borea said.
“It was a very complicated process,” he said of the transition. “It was an unbelievable project.”
Motorola did not acknowledge in the settlement that its system was deficient.
Montinieri said Monday he is satisfied with the agreement. It made sense to settle now that the town is getting a new system, he said.
“I think it is good to move on, good for Motorola, good for us,” Montinieri said. “We really don’t want to spend any more money.”
Neither Montinieri nor Town Manager Jeff Bridges, who was hired after the suit was filed, knew how much the town has paid in legal fees for the case.
The town council has voted unanimously to approve the settlement.


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