Different uses of Motorola 2 way radios

walkie talkie codesWithout giving too much about this 2 way radio helmet short article, but I found it interesting and significant to what I’m currently doing.

There are a lot of companies that will have use of the Motorola 2 Way Radio, not to mention home use.

You will see people at sporting events using Motorola two way radios to keep in touch with their other family or friends that are also at the event.

Also construction people will use the two way radios to talk to each other while on a job, if one is high on a rooftop and needs some supplies or some help he can just radio to his helpers. Cell phones have a second delay, which could mean a huge difference in some situations.

Not to mention security guards who need to be able to talk to each other should a burglary be in progress, or to talk to the police. Even landscapers will use them on big projects to keep in touch with other employees on site.

The Motorola two way radio is a great piece of equipment for families to use these days. If you need to make sure your child has arrived safely at a friend’s house or home from school, they can be used that way. Or if you have an elderly relative that you need to keep in touch with also the relative can have the radio to call you for help instead of using the phone. The radios will work in instances that a land-line telephone will not, or even a cell phone.

They have been found helpful in use for the medical field, making it easier for health care workers to stay in contact with each other and to call for help faster in an emergency. Some radios like the DTR550 work very well with medical equipment.

Golf courses have their employees using Motorola two way radios, to communicate with each other during emergencies, special events or just to keep everything running smoothly. The two way radio is very cost effective since once you purchase the radios you don’t have to pay for monthly fees. They also work in other instances when cell phones do not work.

Motorola two way radios are also used in property management, providing the employees a faster way to respond to tenant problems. They can talk to each other, the management office and relay information that someone might need to take care of a situation faster.



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