two Way Radios for Manufacturing

You are safe in the wisdom that I bring the top two way radio guide content pieces, some of which are my own a number of which are curated by me, if i decide to use somebody elses writing its because it is important to my readership, so feel confident you are reading the very best from my industry.

The widespread adoption of Kaizen principles, Kanban systems, lean processes and just-in-time practices have helped leading manufacturers to maintain a competitive edge in volatile trading conditions.

But there is another characteristic which defines modern manufacturing, and thats the free-flow of communications between production units, component stores, QC, engineering and materials handling to ensure a smooth efficient flow through all production stages.

However, a modern factory is a difficult operating environment for 2 Way Radio communications with noise from machinery and mechanical handling equipment, large areas to cover and the risk of accidental damage presenting real challenges.

As a global manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics products, we are more than aware of the need for reliable, instant, communications throughout our production centres thats why in addition to the existing licensed analogue radio systems and license-free analogue PMR446 peer-to-peer hand portable radios we offer, we went on to design and develop the NEXEDGE digital hand-portable walkie talkies, mobile radios and trunked digital systems and networks to provide outstanding voice and data performance in the most challenging environments and to be both be easy to use, reliable and durable in service.


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