Manx Radio wins ‘Station of the Year’ award for 2013

communication device meaningArticle of the Day………ok so i haven’t got an article seven days a week, but when i get an opportunity I will post content I find fascinating. Lucky enough here’s one of those articles that I read and had to share. If you enjoy it as much as me, please add one of those special social media likes, you know the one which tells everyone you loved something, rather then you sat on your arse and watched TV!

The Isle of Man’s radio station has been named the Radio Academy’s Nations and Regions Station of the Year in the North West for 2013.

Judges said Manx Radio, which celebrates its 50th anniversary next year, was “Proudly local, but with a world view.”
The award means it will be entered in to the National Station of the Year competition in 2014.

Controller Marc Tyley said he was “absolutely thrilled.”
These awards were formerly known as the Sony Awards but will have a new title sponsor next year.
‘Real depth’ Paul Robinson, chief executive of The Radio Academy, said the awards “celebrate the very best in local and regional Radio which is at the heart of the communities they serve.”

Mr Tyley said: “I am personally absolutely thrilled with this result as we have been up against it all year with the select committee scrutinising us, tight budgets and so much more to contend with.
“We are the oldest commercial radio station in the British isles and we have a great deal planned to mark our special anniversary.”
The judges said Manx Radio was a station which “works hard to deliver a broad and comprehensive service to its audience”.

“Proudly local, but with a world view, there’s a real depth to Manx Radio and a huge passion and dedication to deliver for their audience, but all the while demonstrating excellence across the board.”
Manx Radio received £850,000 this year from the combined Isle of Man Treasury Grant and BBC Digital dividend rebate.



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