High Security with Kenwood Nexedge two Way Radio

Some of the expert writers on the internet are at such a high level that i ponder if any of them have ever written a book? well every now and then i like to highlight these admirable articles and here is one i thought was fascinating the other day.

2 way radio shopTerrorism, Contamination, Disruption to infrastructure and services, Malicious damage, Active protest, Civil unrest, Border breaches, Invasion of privacy, Piracy, Organised Crime, Data Theft, Kidnapping, Personal assault

the range of threats being managed by public and private security services, agencies and individuals changes and evolves with social, political and economic dynamics.

And while surveillance technology, physical protection and increased intelligence gathering have made a major contribution in identifying and managing threats, the central element in all robust security strategies is the ability to effect instant communication by voice or data across a wide variety of difficult environments; linking control centres with field operatives whether on foot or in vehicles.

Kenwoods analogue and digital Motorola walkie talkie systems have been proven in the highest security situations and can be found in operation within military forces, police services, public and private security agencies around the world.

Applications include air and sea ports, research facilities, government buildings, military bases, transport and utilities infrastructure, stadia, sports and entertainment venues, oil and gas processing and supply installations, data centres, cash warehouses, secure storage facilities, research facilities, shopping malls, retailers of high value goods as well as high profile personalities, in fact wherever security, safety and efficiency are key considerations.



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