Motorola introduces Real-Time Crime Center software

Boy. The newest communication between devices wifi is out of this world. I mean its just so gorgeous and so sophisticated. I pity individuals who grew up without the bk two way radio quesnel.

Motorola Solutions Inc. has introduced its Real-Time Crime Center software, intended to assist first responders enhance situational awareness.

Working off of Motorolas Real-Time Intelligence Console as its backbone, the Real-Time Crime Center takes inputs from multiple data sources such as video, sensors, alarms, computer-aided dispatch and combines them with data analytics and 2 Way Radio networks to deliver a unified operational view.

Motorola is releasing the Real-Time Crime Center with its own starter kit, which consists of the RIC platform including software licensing for a RIC console position and connections to supporting interfacing with a CAD platform and up to two video management platforms.

The kit will also give users the ability to connect to up to 100 existing cameras.

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